Found some deleted factory pictures on my Oneplus One

Found some deleted factory pictures on my Oneplus One

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While going through my OnePlus One a few months ago, I came across the folder containing thumbnails for the stock photos at /0/DCIM/.thumbnails. Along with the stock photo thumbnails, however, were four pictures that were taken within a factory. The thumbnails are all fairly good quality, with resolutions of 243 x 324, 195 x 260, 195 x 260 and 288 x 512. All the pictures were taken on December 31, 2013, approximately four months before the OnePlus One was unveiled. The pictures depict what appear to be camera calibration sheets with various colors and geometric lines and other unknown machinery. The original pictures themselves appear to have been deleted and were not included in the stock photos folder.

I went through a friend’s OnePlus One to check if he also had the factory thumbnails included, but they weren’t. I also contacted OnePlus via email and was strongly advised by a representative to avoid posting the photos here.

Judging from the date the pictures were taken and what is depicted, the response from the representative and the fact that I purchased the phone brand new, I think I can safely assume that they’re authentic. It’s kinda cool to have small a piece of phone history of one of my favorite brands.

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