The most useful Sublime Text packages

The most useful Sublime Text packages

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It’s no secret that I enjoy using Sublime Text, both for its aesthetics, and the productivity boost I noticed when using it. So, I figured why not spread the joy around, and hopefully help make another programmer become just a bit more efficient.

To start off, you’ll obviously need to have Sublime Text installed. It’s cross-platform, and the latest version can be downloaded directly from their website. After it’s installed, you’ll need to get Package Control, which only involves pasting some code into the Sublime Text console, the instructions for which can be found here. If everything is all set up, you can now install packages by pressing Ctrl + Shift + P on Windows or Command + Shift + P on Mac, choose “Package Control: Install Package”, input the package name, and select the one you want.

Finally, here’s the list of Sublime Text packages I consider to be the most useful:


Despite it’s apparent simplicity, this is one of the most useful Sublime Text packages. It adds a number of very handy functions to the ST sidebar, since the number of default options are a bit sparse. You can find its official documentation here.

Dayle Rees Color Schemes

Remember all that talk about the aesthetics of Sublime Text that I like so much? Well, this package really helps to bring it out. It brings a large number of different color schemes that make working with ST a real treat. You can find the official documentation here.


SublimeLinter, is a very useful package that helps make ST seem a lot more like an IDE than a text editor. It provides an interface for other language specific packages to provide insight on potential errors in your code. You can find these language specific packages by typing a - after SublimeLinter and reading the installation instructions. The documentation can be found here.


Sublime​Code​Intel adds another IDE like function to ST, code completion. Depending on the language you’re using (I’m looking at you Java), this package can save you a good deal of time. You can read the official documentation here.


Emmet is a great little tool that aims to reduce the amount of time you spend writing repetitive code, and by repetitive code I mean stuff like HTML tags (it won’t save you from yourself). You can find the Readme here.


This useful little package helps by showing you the scope of a function or class while programming, and has a number of customizations. You can read the official documentation here.


This package, coupled with a browser extension with the same same, saves you from having to press refresh all the time, when working on files open in the browser. The official documentation can be found here

I hope some of these packages were useful to you, and I’ll try to keep updating this list as I find more great packages. Feel free to contact me with suggestions.

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